BroadDesk, LLC Is a consulting firm that provides sophisticated and strategic business development services in three unique areas:

BroadDesk provides contract review and drafting in conjunction with these practice areas.

BroadDesk is a “Pay-on-Performance” company.
We take a percentage of revenue, so we are fully invested and committed to your successful in getting a “deal” done.

BroadDesk works with your organization to connect dots in ways that no other consulting firm can:


  • We evaluate your business model identifying weaknesses and pivot points in order to get your business more closely aligned to potential opportunities.
  • We help simplify your message and make it more strategic for key decision-makers.
  • We identify potential partners at the CXO level.
  • We are sophisticated and experienced in opening doors to Enterprise partners.
  • We have demonstrable success in forging partnerships through models of: OEM/ODM, licensing, or white label distribution.
  • We negotiate complex and multifaceted agreements.
  • Relationship Management of Enterprise Partners, Distributors & 3rd Parties Involved in the Business Development Process.
  • We operate under a “Pay-for-Performance” model. You only pay BroadDesk on a successful outcome of our representation.
  • Most important, we handle all of the legal work related to contracts and agreements. We evaluate and analyze your agreement, identify risk, provide clarification, offer suggestions and perform all redline activities necessary to place your company in a position of control, protect your intellectual property and make you money.

BroadDesk works with the world’s most innovative and trusted brands.

BroadDesk success stories from a few of our clients.

AstroPrint develops the software that makes 3D printing simple. AstroPrint provides the cloud infrastructure for the 3D printing industry, AstroPrint makes 3D printing hassle-free for everyone regardless of technical skill, offering 1-click-to-print from any web-enabled or mobile device. Cocktail recently declared AstroPrint a rising star startup to watch at CES 2015 and a top five (5) technology that VCs will fund in 2015.

AstroPrint’s milestones and traction achieved:
  • A 500 Startups Batch 11 Graduate and Silicon Valley Business Journal 2015 Demo Day "fav"
  • 2015 SXSW Hatch Pitch Finalist
  • 2014 SXSW Startup Finalist
  • 2014 Rockstars of Innovation Summit Finalist
  • 2014 San Diego Most Innovative New Product Awards Finalist
  • 2014 CONNECT Springboard Capital Competition Winner
  • One of's Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2014
AstroPrint engaged BroadDesk to enhance its business model for successful integration into manufacturers of 3D Printers. In addition, AstroPrint has been able to leverage BroadDesk’s skills and expertise in Business Development and licensing to bring 3D Printer manufacturers and content providers into its platform.
Sindoh is a Global company specializing in imaging since its inception in1960.

Sindoh's growth is based on technology. The first R&D lab in Korea set up in 1982 now has about 260 researchers with master or doctorate degrees in machinery, electronics, chemicals, HW/SW and etc.

Manufacturing divisions of Sindoh are located in Asan in Korea and Qingdao in China. A massive complex of 500,000㎡ has about 3,000 employees and facilities that churn out 2.2 million units of equipment including multifunction copiers, laser printers and finishers, as well as components and consumables such as cartridges, PCB, toners, etc. with great levels of quality and production reliability.

In 2016 Sindoh embarked to establish a foothold in the US for its new 3D Printing division. Sindoh engaged BroadDesk to assist in finding the largest consumer enterprise partners possible for licensing and distributing its 3D printers.

BroadDesk has provided mentorship, direction and support for Sindoh’s business, operations, marketing and sales.

BroadDesk has been successful in establishing and securing a prominent consumer enterprise partner for Sindoh with a highly trusted and valued brand.
Trovebox was a novel photo sharing site and the first to allow a group photo exchange platform. It made significant inroads in the consumer photo sharing community competing against companies like Flickr and Snapchat.

BroadDesk worked with the senior management team to pivot their business model towards an Enterprise photo sharing platform and was pivotal in the introductions and ultimate acquisition of Trovebox by Western Digital.

Western Digital has now successfully integrated the Trovebox assets into their consumer data storage product sets.

BroadDesk success stories from a few of our clients.

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